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Our Story



LAVA6 originated from "Shahaf Stone and Marble Ltd." We specialize in locating unique stone minerals around the world, using the finest materials and processing them into architectural products that are integrated in leading projects globally.


This is the leading model that inspires us and makes it desirable among leading architects and entrepreneurs around the world. Our company deals with complex innovative projects in terms of logistics, engineering and design in the fields of material and its behavior. We use advanced state-of-the-art hi-tech equipment alongside traditional handicrafts: a combination that produces spectacular and unique results.


As our research progresses and production techniques improve, we are are able to combine different materials, such as metal and wood materials, with the stone base in perfect harmony.


Basalt is a fascinating stone with deep properties such as high technological and design integration with other materials. As a stone that originates in molten lava, basalt likes the integration of metals and different glazes, enabling a surprising result.


The unifying factor between the world's different continents is the core of the Earth, which, for us, is the largest continent and constitutes the source of the fundamental materials with which we work and process. On this fertile ground, the LAVA6 project grew out of a deep connection between the world of industrial stone and the world of designed and prestigious jewelry.

Fashion says "me as well"

Style says "only me"!

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